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, one of the toughest action stars in the world has been using the total gym for over 30 years. christie brinkley, one of the most famous models in the world has been using the total gym for over 12 years. now it's your turn to join chuck, christie and hundreds of thousands of other total gym users who have gained the body they've always wanted thanks to the total gym. now for the first time ever, you can try a total gym at home for 30 days for only $14.95 risk-free. that's right; 30 days, only $14.95. stay tuned for details. >> it was 35 years ago when i first tried the total gym, and i've been using it ever since. it has kept me in fighting shape through my 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and even in my 70s. >> i started using my total gym when i was about 40, i'm in my mid-50s now, i'm still using my total gym, and it makes me feel great, and i'm gonna keep using my total gym because i want to feel great when i'm in my 70s too. >> until i bought the total gym 35 years ago, i thought there was no way you could get a great workout in only a few minutes a day. >> in just six to eight minutes a day,
. that is where nbc bay area's christie smith is. christie, we're hearing just heard from the school's district superintendent. what's happening out there today? >> reporter: good morning. everyone seems to know this particular teacher and to say that they're shocked is an understatement. the superintendent says she knows him personally. this is a copy of the letter that went home to families here. without really going into detail about the allegations. a lot of people we spoke to said they want to reserve judgment until all the facts are in. >> he's one of the best teachers here, very well-loved. and our hearts go out to him. >> reporter: parents are shaken by the news. a popular sixth-grade teacher arrested and now on leave from the district. >> it's supposed to be the best school district. yeah, i'm surprised. >> reporter: 28-year-old james izumizaki was arrested on suspicion of a lewd act on a child under 14. the school's superintendent says the report came to her monday from the high school about an incident with a student. albany police arrested him wednesday. >> it's always a shock. you
, and i approve this message. christie: i do the laundry, i pay the bills, i make sure my kids are fed and rested and healthy. female vo: moms like christie would be stretched even more under mitt romney. to fund his tax cuts for millionaires, romney could take away middle class deductions for child care, home mortgages, and college tuition. christie: mitt romney, he's so focused on big business and tax cuts for the wealthy... it seems like his answers to middle-class america are just...tough...tough luck. >> we are going to do some time week's moviethis review. he is joining us now to tell more about it. on good morning washington. i do not know. "looper" is the name of the movie. is so bizarre that i recommend you sit back and watch figure it out. >> time travel has not yet been invented. but 30 years from now, it will have been. >> joseph gordon leavitt plays a man assignedng hit to rub out his older self, played by bruce willis. there is your first mind and they're right there. chase begins with a pause few moments of conversation. >> your face looks backwards. >> dean -- do you kn
a top 1% platfor platform. i think of chris christie running the on the same platform but exude something completely dirch the. do you think a guy like chris christie would have more luck selling the republican message and might be closer in the race right now? >> it's possible, but you can never do a hypothetical race. no one knows how he would have worn through a long, drawn-out campaign. i like governor christie and support him on some initiatives. his overall persona, the bullying and tough guy, i'm not sure if that wears well over at long period of time. i'm sure how america reacts to that and how the average nonnew jersey it reacts to him on the boardwalk. you can't say things in a vacuum. i think the republicans nomin e nominated the wrong guy. the mitt romney who was governor and not the mitt romney who trying to become an extreme right-winger. he's not comfortable with it. you can see the wheels turning when he's asked questions, guys. what do i say that doesn't offend the base? good lord, governor, the base was voting genz president obama no matter who is on the ballo
their insurance on, like ehealth. but in this case aon's mike christie says employees get a mix of offerings from a wide area of carriers who will offer rates that are comparable to the group plan rates now, which are usually cheaper than individual rates. essentially, the employer now takes that same chunk of money and they give you the shopping cart. you take that money. you go to that portal. you get to shop. now you can choose from a wider array of carriers usually, including united health, cigna, local blues, and then you choose what kind of plan you take from those carriers. so the carriers are all competing against one another for your business, and ostensibly you get a better choice. aon beta tested this internally in their own company last year. the thing their employees said they liked was having the control, having more choice, but the big shift is this involves a lot of education because it's a very different way to choose your insurance, tyler. >> oh, man. and it is going to hasten the debate over whether health insurance premiums ought to be counted as income to the recipient. berth
:56 with another i'm barack obama, and i approve. christie: i do the laundry, i pae the bills, i make sure my kids are fed and rest and healthy. female vo: moms like christie would be stretched even more under mitt romney. to fund his tax cuts for millionaires, romney could take away middle class deductions for child care, home mortgages, and college tuition. christie: mitt romney, he's so focused on big business and tax cuts for the wealthy... it seems like his answers to middle-class america are just...tough...tough luck. [ cheers and applause ] >>> happy thursday crowd in times square. a little rain doesn't hurt anyone this morning. we are also happy because we have sofia vergara there, on the couch with us, from "modern family." producing things up. also happy to have amy robach here. as you know, robin's on her medical leave. >>> sofia's a funny and busy mother, of course, with products and fashion lines. we have a big, half hour of makeovers from sofia. you get to see both. >> she's getting a modern makeover from sofia herself. it does not get better than this. >> i know. >> teach her a move
're a big romney supporter. >> if we don't run chris christie, romney will be the nominee and will lose. i get the last word. >>> with just 41 days until the presidential election, new swing state polls show that the secretly recorded tape revealing mitt romney's intention to abandon 37% of the american people if elected president is actually having the effect you would expect. romney's secretly recorded words are crushing his campaign. a new poll shows president obama running ten points ahead of mitt romney in ohio, which is where abc news found mitt romney tonight and confronted him about the heavy words he dropped on 47% of the american people. >> about the people you said you couldn't convince to take greater responsibility. those are heavy words. >> what i'm talking about is a political process. i don't expect to get 100% of the vote. i hope to get 50-plus % and make sure i get the next president. >> that was his answer to the worst possible thing he could have said in his campaign, that was the best he could respond with. notice that no where in that answer does mitt romney attempt t
and virginia governor bob mcdonald are going to iowa, and chris christie and scott walker are in new hampshire, but they're not there to campaign for mitt romney, are they? >> no, they're not. they're there preparing for 2016, which is probably the republican party's best bet at this point. but this is really interesting. i think that the folk on the right who are scared about this are actually right, that pollsters are actually interacting with people who are more progressive, more centrist, and less identifying with what we think of now as the republican party. that's just a state of reality. the republican party is shrinking, so by definition, that means that pollsters are going to encounter folk who don't necessarily agree with the radical ways the party is constructed. we've been chuckling all day about this sam jackson ad, but the ad reflects the fact that people are waking up to the reality that mitt romney simply isn't a really credible or very, very competent politician. and all these gaffes and all these mistakes continue to reinscribe that fact. >> to both of you, we have an interes
you get a corpus christi at this today. on libya what do you make of the news we're reporting now. >> i think president obama needs to be held accountable for his administration's attempts to mislead the american people about what happened in benghazi. we were initially told that this was a spontaneous demonstration in response to a video that was 0 youtube. the administration sent their ambassador to the u.n. susan rice on sunday shows to defend the position. now we are learning it was a preplanned terrorist attack conducted on the anniversary of 9/11 and that it involved elements of al-qaida. look, you know, we are not going to be able to confront the challenges that face us in the middle east if we are not honest about them. anti-americanism is on the rise, the muslim brotherhood is in charge in egypt, and our relationship with israel is on the rocks. now as we turn the corner into the new year, because of the president's mismanagement of the budget, we are looking at devastating cuts to our defense budget. mitt romney will restore those cuts and make sure that america pursues
and chris christie and rick scott down in florida and john kasich in ohio going after the public employee union who tried to break them to think they could bring in replacements who could do the job just as well, i think we learned a lesson here. scott walker came out and said we've gotta bring the real refs back, the union refs back. paul ryan said we have to bring the union refs back. they have learned a lesson i hope everybody has learned a lesson. it doesn't matter whether you're talking about autoworkers or ironworkers or steelworkers or air-traffic controllers or truck drivers or police officers or firefighters or teachers or professional referees. a scab cannot do the job as well as a good, trained union worker. and we learned that in this little episode here. with the nfl. may that lesson ever be learned and people start respecting the work that union workers do and stop trying to bust the unions. 1-866-55-press. the toll free number. join the conversation. start the conversation here this morning on the "full
there are no shortages of candidates. brian. christie i think is kind of the voice from the bleacher shtick did not scale up, and i think kind of ralph cram them kind of running for president didn't look as good in tampa. i think he would have to retool to be sure but i think daniels, ryan, different ways, i think the bigger question is, is there something come is there a candidate to advance his agenda pushed analysis if romney loses. it's not guaranteed romney will lose. obama after three great weeks is at 50 so it's not like he is at 54 with a big margin of error. that if romney doesn't lose, i think the big question will be is there someone who kind of challenges the party on issues, particularly with immigration and maybe a little bit on social issues. >> i think, i actually think that someone who explicitly makes the case would be worse -- look at a bob mcdonnell in virginia. he is someone who clearly was socially conservative, telegraph that very clear to his voters and the thought of him as reliable, and so he was able to go after suburban voters and what have you. but because you thought of him
with her new book. some discuss what beauty means to them, including daughter of billy joel and christie brink y brinkley, alexa joel. take a look. >> when we sat down to choose women for the book, alexa popped up immediately. i have watched her grow up. i used to do her mother's make-up when she was a little girl. she has a light in her eye, a sparkle, and when she arrives, you feel her presence. ♪ >> she's had her own struggles as most of us women have. and she has decided to take them and make them positive. and i really believe if more women talk about who they are and where they've been, it's a lot easier for women to relate and feel good about where they're going. >> how long? >> good morning again to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> bobbi, the last time i saw you, you were telling me katie holmes was the new face of bobbi brown. >> well, i wrote the book first. >> tell us about this concept of pretty powerful. it's more than make-up. >> pretty powerful to me is women look pretty without make-up, but powerful with make-up because it makes you confident and comfortable s
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)

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